Quiel Delgado, President and CEO of Radius Telecoms Inc. Photo by Jun Pinzon

Radius Extends Its Range To Wider Circles

Quiel Delgado is bent to take the telecoms company out of its comfort zone
by Jing Lejano
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According to a LinkedIn story, the average person will have about 10 different jobs before reaching the age of 40.

It's quite a contrast to the career track of 55-year-old Quiel Delgado.

Referring to his latest appointment as President and Chief Executive Officer of Radius Telecoms Inc., Delgado believes in investing time in an organization and growing alongside it.

“It’s only my third job in 32 years,” he shares. “I really stay long in a company. I’m not a person who just leaves.”

Delgado started as an engineer at Eastern Telecoms in 1987. He worked his way up, handling various posts from networks and product management to sales. When he finally left the company in 2000, he was the Vice President and Head for Corporate and Major Business Unit. He was 35 years old.

Delgado then took on a more challenging role as the Philippines’ General Manager of Verizon, a global communications technology company.

This job required him to deal with international and local carriers, giving him many insights into the communications business. When he retired from Verizon after almost two decades, Delgado was the Asia-Pacific Head for Destination Management.

When asked to take the reins of Radius Telecoms, Inc. after enjoying every day of the eight months into his early retirement at 54 years old, the incoming boss did not hesitate. It felt right. He was prepared for the role, just as the role seemed prepared for him.

What is Radius?

Radius Telecoms, Inc. (Radius) is the only telecommunications carrier in the Philippines that delivers end-to-end fiber optic services in the Mega Manila area, enabling service providers and companies to transmit digital information and business applications over highly reliable, secure, and cost-effective communication superhighway.

As a 100%-owned subsidiary of the Manila Electric Company (Meralco), the Radius fiber facility is at an advantage when it comes to service availability and reliability.

Radius provides world-class data connectivity solutions over its dense fiber optic network, with access nodes strategically located within business districts, industrial and IT parks, data centers and main thoroughfares. As it is a 100%-owned subsidiary of the Manila Electric Company (Meralco), Radius’ fiber facility is attached on distinct pole position with apparent advantages on service availability and reliability, ensuring business continuity, virtually eliminating network interruptions.

Radius remains to be the preferred Information and Communications Technology (ICT) enabler and business partner of the biggest names in the enterprise and wholesale markets for over a decade. Its solutions translate to operational efficiency and flexibility, supporting our clients’ present and future communications needs.

Delgado’s appointment comes just as Radius is implementing plans to expand its reach. These include participating in the growth of next-wave cities like Clark and nearby economic zones in Cavite, Laguna, and Batangas.

“My vision for Radius is to go outside its comfort zone, as far as Cebu, Iloilo, and Davao,” he declares.

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One of the first steps they’re taking is rebranding the company. Delgado wants to paint a clearer picture of what Radius wants to become especially to its target market. “We are here to ignite possibilities. We are here to be your partner as you navigate your way in this ever-changing environment in the telecoms industry.”

Before the year ends, he aims for Radius to be present in Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga. Ground work is currently being laid so it seems they are on track. The former air base is having a moment with a surge in investors in the past several months.

Radius offers solutions that translate to operational efficiency and flexibility, supporting its clients’ present and future communications needs.

Delgado also wants his company to keep building new facilities and more relationships with other organizations. At present, together with a partner, Radius is developing a dual play fiber optic solution to cater to high and mid-rise multi-dwelling units (MDUs) across the Metro.

But perhaps the biggest game changer for Radius is its parent company’s vision for it. “I think Meralco has seen the potential. They’ve seen that with PLDT [formerly known as Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co] and Radius out there, we can dominate the market. We can cooperate. We can collaborate.”

With telecom service being crucial to how business now operate, this association with the telco giant PLDT hopes to benefit both companies as well as the businesses they hope to serve. But there is one big obstacle they need to overcome, though, and that is to convince the market that it is the one that truly gains from the said partnership. “Hey. You’ve got two choices here. We both can serve you so you know, when one of us fails, the other can take it.”

Looking at their plans, there’s certainly a lot of work ahead for Radius. And when asked where he sees Radius in 20 years, Delgado answers with much optimism. “All over the Philippines! I think we are going to be nationwide. I think we are going to be a full-fledged telecom carrier offering not only telecom services but services that will allow businesses to run their operations smoothly or allow our partner carriers to offer their services all over the Philippines. Because our foreign carrier partners need us to provide the last mile to their local customers.”

For inquiries on Radius services, you may visit their website or call the Radius business hotline at 02 9885600.