Exequiel Delgado, Radius CEO and president, smiles as he unveils the company's new logo. Image by Nina Posadas

Radius’s New Brand Identity Brings Innovation and Expertise to Fiber Connectivity

The Meralco subsidiary recently presented its new logo and revitalized mission
by Peter Imbong
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For many, a brand’s identity is the logo on the website or the name on the letterhead. But for businesses, the brand identity extends far beyond packaging: it projects the company’s values, their people’s work ethic, and the way they do business.

To keep up with the challenges in the telecommunications landscape, RADIUS—a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Manila Electric Co. (Meralco) which delivers end-to-end fiber optic services to businesses—recently unveiled its new brand identity.

Ready for a new decade

Established in 2000, RADIUS has since built a robust and redundant network running on 100% pure fiber connectivity that now covers almost 5,000 km. As it prepares to enter another decade, the company’s management hopes to lead the group towards a bigger role in the industry and affecting greater change in its customers.

“I want people to remember Radius Telecoms as a company that ignites innovation,” says Exequiel Delgado, president and CEO, “a company that enables people and enterprises to showcase their capabilities into the markets and places they want to conquer.”

Radius provides high-speed fiber data and internet connectivity that enable businesses to securely transmit crucial information in various forms like voice, data, and video. They also tailor-fit solutions to an enterprise's specific needs to help them run smoothly and optimize their operations. Their connectivity services have proven to be vital across numerous industries such business process outsourcing (BPO), finance, retail and distribution, and manufacturing. 

In the details

The new logo symbolizes this revitalized ambition: a circle with a radius symbolizes being part of a whole, the letter “R” for the brand itself, a thumbprint for identity and leaving a mark, and fiber optics for the main business.

With this new brand, says Delgado, RADIUS aims to be known as approachable, technical, and current. Approachable, as they are service-oriented. Technical, as experts in the field, but also easily understood by all. Current, because they pay attention to consumer needs and technological trends.

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